Approval Requirements for Club Boats

Anyone wishing to use a club boat without coach supervision must be approved ahead of time to use that boat. The document "Qualification Requirements for Club Boats" lists the approval requirements for each club boat.

Approval to use club sculling boats (singles, doubles, and quads)

The club singles are divided into three levels: Aero, training single, and racing single. The details of the qualification requirements for each level of single are listed below in separate documents.

An additional checkout is required to move up from one level of single to the next. For example, if you are approved to row the Aeros, you need to get checked out for the training singles prior to using a club training single unless you are directly supervised by a coach.

Approval to use each of the club doubles and quads is based on your level of qualification in a single along with additional specific coach approval.

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Approval to use club sweep boats (pairs, fours, and eights)

The club's sweep boats are most often used in a coached practice, where seating in any particular boat is up to the coach's discretion. Rowers wishing to use a club sweep boat outside of a coached practice must get prior coach approval. The approval applies only to the specific lineup, the specific boat, and the specific occasions discussed explicitly with the coach.

Download PDFs:

Qualification Requirements for Club Boats Aero Qualification Training Single Qualification Racing Single Qualification Low Light Rowing Shared Practices

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