Rowing Information

This program provides sculling coaching and is intended to provide a home for graduates of the novice sculling classes.  There is a mix of new scullers and scullers who have improved over time.  The more experienced scullers in the group are a valuable resource for those who are relatively new.  We mostly row doubles and quads (two- and four-person sculling boats).  We focus on technique improvement, with a secondary goal of getting a workout.  And we have fun!

Practice Schedule

Thursdays: 6:15 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.


Experience Required

Approval to row the aeros on your own, earned by successfully completing either the LMRC novice sculling class or a separate aero checkout at LMRC.

Some people are nervous about coming for their first time, concerned that they will slow others down, won't know what to do, won't be good enough.  Not to worry!  This program is for people just like that.  Everyone remembers being just as new and nervous as you.  You will be welcomed, accepted, supported, encouraged.  Don't hang back!! You also have the option of taking a private lesson if want you to brush up before rowing with the group.



Come to as many or as few practices as you like; there is no downside for the group if you attend only occasionally.  However,  a day or two before your first time you need to *text* the coach, Al Chase, so that he knows you're coming: 415/254-1337.


Money Matters

The coaching fee is $13 per calendar month.  Pay at the start of your first practice each month.  A check or exact cash is ideal.  The coaching fee is waived during the free trial period which follows your novice sculling class.


For more information

Contact the coach, Al Chase, at